Vision 100


Helen Pomphrey

Head of marketing, UK


Life is never dull at Innocent and Helen Pomphrey has had her share of interesting experiences after more than a decade of working at the brand. The company is known for philanthropy as it gives 10% of its profits to charity but its staff also live the values. Via an Innocent Foundation scholarship, Pomphrey spent two weeks with tribal women in a remote area of India helping them learn to support themselves. She realises that it’s not all woolly hats on smoothie bottles; her biggest challenge is balancing this friendly and personal brand image with driving commercial success. As a result her biggest achievement is quadrupling the size of the business in Europe outside the UK in four years.

Lightbulb moment: “Realising there often isn’t a single answer to a problem. Success usually comes from picking one well-reasoned solution and going for it with conviction.”