Vision 100


Hugh Pile



Hugh Pile likes to bring variety to his career and the range of his experience covers both the professional and personal. A committed runner, he cites his proudest moment as meeting long-distance Olympian Haile Gebrselassie and creating a Johnnie Walker campaign with him while at Diageo. His biggest challenge, “trying to redefine the marketing model”, is not lacking  in ambition. He says: “In this fragmented and data-heavy world, a marketer faces challenges that evolve by the day and there is therefore a need for the role to evolve constantly. It’s a genuine struggle to develop the right operational model to address an ever-shifting marketing climate.”

Lightbulb moment: “The fastest way to be successful is to slow down. I was once offered an exciting role and a brilliant mentor advised me to sit tight. The six- month delay set me up for all future career success.”