Vision 100


Isabelle Tomatis

European marketing director

Sony Playstation

Gaming is experiencing something of a revolution. Its former image as the time-sucking pastime of teenage boys locked in dingy bedrooms is being wiped away, replaced with a much more sophisticated vision. “Parents who first played the original PlayStation 20 years ago are now bringing their children up on games. There is a sense that gaming isn’t bad but it is art – the old barriers are coming down,” according to Isabelle Tomatis, who is at the forefront of this image change. She spoke to Marketing Week in an exclusive interview last year. It is notable,  of course, that she is a female marketer in what is assumed to be a man’s world. “Gaming is far more accepting when appointing females in senior marketing and creative positions than FMCG, which is still too male dominated. Our marketing team is more balanced than people expect.”

Biggest challenge: “Our job is to blow people’s minds wide open and we want to do that for another 20 years.”