Vision 100


Jim Cregan


Jimmy's Iced Coffee

The marketing community always thrives with an injection of entrepreneurship and innovation, which is why so many business founders make the Vision 100. Jim Cregan is no exception. He first drank iced coffee to beat back the sun while travelling in Australia. Although markedly less sunny, when he returned to the UK, he could see a market for it here too and launched Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Content plays a big role in his marketing strategy; Cregan produces music videos to promote the business, one of which features him rapping about the product and has racked up more than a million hits on YouTube. He says: “Seeing someone buying your product, unprompted, for the first time is a pretty special thing. Becoming debt free, having babies and building a crew who allow me to do big business thinking is the bomb.”

Biggest challenge: “Trying to get my head around how people think and why they think like that.”