Vision 100


Jonathan Zatland

Senior international multichannel sales manager


Etsy began life as an online marketplace for individual designers, artists and creators before moving into the offline world at the end of last year. Led by international multichannel manager Jonathan Zatland, the business launched an international wholesale business and a series of pop-up shops in 2014, which it expanded the following year. Zatland began his career as a screenwriter, where he learnt to trust his instincts. “I found myself writing an action movie, a genre I’m not particularly fond of. I managed a couple of gruelling drafts and after another pass, the producer said ‘action heroes don’t say please’. That’s when I understood the meaning of being true to yourself.”

Biggest challenge: "It's easy to say no to bad ideas but sometimes you have to say no to good ones too. It’s always tricky but it comes down to focus."