Vision 100


Julia Porter

Director of consumer revenues

Guardian News & Media

Julia Porter is on a mission to distil and simplify media. With a history of strategic marketing for ITV, Getty Images and IPC Magazines, she is grasping data with both hands, with a view to turning it into a useful tool for brands, rather than a voluminous burden. “The biggest challenge is ensuring that we don’t over-complicate the already complicated subject of data-driven marketing with jargon. Most recently, I’ve been trying to organise the myriad stakeholders at the Guardian around communicating clearly to audiences how we plan to use the data they have shared with us.” Also chair of the Direct Marketing Association, she has also been responsible for reducing the 100-page code of practice into an accessible and easy-to-understand five-page outcomes-based code that is understood by everyone.

"Never assume anything and don’t be afraid to ask the stupid questions."