Vision 100


Justine Roberts

CEO and co-founder


Originating as a chatroom for mums looking for support in the sometimes lonely and frustrating task of raising children, Mumsnet has become a supercharged hub of campaigning and policy-making for all things family. Highly principled, it refused advertising from Nestlé and works with Baby Milk Action to put pressure on formula manufacturers to act responsibly. Its remit stretches into women’s rights, education and finance. Justine Roberts has never limited her ambitions for the site and it is no wonder that her proudest moment is securing a webchat with US Presidential candidate and former first lady, Hillary Clinton. Roberts has become a figurehead for women across the UK but insists that the real power comes from the millions of members who swap ideas about everything from products and politics to husbands and teething. Her light-bulb moment was “realising that the crowd are the real experts, not the experts”.

Biggest challenge: “Knowing what not to do.”