Vision 100


Kirsty Saddler

Brand and marketing director

Leon Restaurants

The healthy fast-food chain’s first marketing director Kirsty Saddler has been tasked with doubling the size of the chain in 12 months. This shouldn’t be a problem for Saddler, who, while living in New York from 2008 to 2011, says she realised how much it is possible to achieve “if you stay optimistic, open-minded and look for the opportunity in every situation”. As a former partner and head of strategy at ad agency BBH, she has spoken in the past about the power of possibilities and advertising’s ability to show people. Her proudest career moment is realising the influence this mindset has had on others: “I recognised what a difference you can make to a person, personally and professionally, when you manage them well.”

Best advice: “Be more brave than diligent.”