Vision 100


Laura Henderson

Head of content and media monetisation

Mondelez International

Laura Henderson is all about shaking things up. In a newly-created role for Mondelēz, she is charged with merging media with creative and driving sales from content. Building this new function from the ground up is her proudest achievement, she says. “I’m creating a new model where we will become content IP owners and generate revenue from our investments. It is a new model for us and for the industry and has required a whole new way of thinking.” Given the size of the business, she admits it can take “a little extra effort to break from the tried and true” but equally it allows the brand to make “bigger bets” owing to its reach, scale and resource. “You don’t always have to follow the path you predict for yourself. Each of my last two jobs have been very different to the last. Being really clear about what motivates you and what your strengths are means you can open up new possibilities,” she adds.

Biggest challenge: “Getting a large organisation to pivot and act differently.”