Vision 100


Lysa Hardy

Chief commercial officer

Holland & Barrett

Lysa Hardy is a board-level leader experienced in driving change. Her proudest career moment is turning around T-Mobile, which delivered consecutive quarters of net customer growth under her watch. “The context was tough and we had less advertising money but by changing the strategy we got the right outcome. It taught me that the same people doing things differently and believing in something could drive a very different performance.” At Holland & Barrett, she says her biggest challenge is patience. “Because I’m hugely ambitious for our brand and work at pace, the challenge is ensuring we can land everything and land it well.” She adds that it is better to get 80% right, fast, rather than get 100% right and be last. “The last 20% you can perfect as you go,” she says.

Lightbulb moment: “When I did the Liverpool Street flashmob dance campaign [while at T-Mobile]. Everyone said I shouldn’t do it, but I believed in it and took the risk. It taught me to have courage even when everyone else has doubt. Taking risks can produce the best work.”