Vision 100


Marc Mathieu



Marc Mathieu joined Samsung as CMO of its US division last year having previously headed up global marketing at Unilever. At the latter, Mathieu introduced a start-up experience that funded entrepreneurs through Unilever Foundry. The foundations for this were laid during Mathieu’s time at Coca-Cola. “Leading the ‘revival of an icon’ in 2004-2008 led to the repositioning of the brand around happiness, the launch of Coca-Cola Zero, several pack and channel innovations such as the aluminium bottle and so on,” he says. “We were an amazing bunch, all with sparkle in our eyes, passion in our heart, belief we could change the world and a great team attitude and collaborative spirit. I was lucky to be part of that.”

"To manage the tension between what is and could be, and bring people along on the journey."