Vision 100


Michel Brousset

Managing director UK & Ireland


For a former finance manager, Michel Brousset has a surprisingly laissez faire attitude to the bottom line. “Be a fanatic about delighting your customers and making your team the most entrepreneurial, engaged and growth-oriented place to work,” he says. By doing so he believes market share and profit and loss will take care of themselves. He plans to drive 11 million new customers to the company globally by 2020. He claims this will be achieved through disruption, a philosophy he brings from his time at the Peruvian arm of L’Oreal, where change was driven more rapidly. Brousset’s focus for 2015 is staff and science.

Lightbulb moment: "Businesses that win do so because they have better ideas and execute them better and faster. Consequently, to win the battle for market share you first need to win the battle for talent."