Vision 100


Mimi Turner

Senior vice-president of strategy

Vice UK

Mimi Turner admits that business life is often full of issues and complex personalities, but she suggests that “being clever or solving problems, although very important, can be fleeting”. Instead, she says the best advice she ever received was to “be kind”. And being kind is clearly a watchword that influences Turner’s thinking when it comes to marketing. During her time as marketing director at The Lad Bible, the company suggested its readership spend £50 on distributing food to the homeless rather than on a night out. It is her mission that young men generate a positive image of what it is to be a ‘lad’. “I think the best moments are yet to come. I have a growing sense that we are creating a new paradigm: a social and mobile community with global scale. We have a deep connection with a youth audience and we want to use the power of tens of millions of people to create a stronger, more positive world,” she says. Turner became senior vice-president of strategy at Vice UK in November 2016.

Biggest challenge: “Striking the right balance between optimism and caution.”