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Omar Berrada

Senior vice-president, group commercial director

City Football Marketing

Football is most definitely in Omar Berrada’s blood. With more than a decade at two of Europe’s biggest clubs – FC Barcelona and Manchester City – he knows what it takes to get fans excited and participating, both at home and away. He is now senior vice-president and group commercial director at City Football Marketing, part of City Football Group, which in addition to owning Manchester City, is the holding company for New York City FC and Melbourne City FC. “We are a global marketing platform,” he says. He knows that he holds what for many would be the ideal job: “Working in football is a dream, which many of us hold but being able to do so as part of a unique proposition like City Football Group and seeing the commercial validation of our model is particularly rewarding,” he says.

Biggest challenge: “Striking the balance between short-term results and long-term strategic objectives, while always delivering innovation and creativity for our partners.”

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