Vision 100


Patrizia Leighton

Head of marketing


It takes a marketer with a strong constitution to weather the harsh conditions that have beset traditional entertainment retailers. But Patrizia Leighton is navigating the stormy seas with aplomb, with HMV regaining its place as the UK’s largest retailer of physical music, beating Amazon. A seasoned marketer, Leighton says her key tactic is to “look at things from all angles and always try to learn something new from everything I see and everything I do”. Going up against internet retailers has forced the store to take a different approach and focus even harder on customer experience, which online retailers cannot compete with. Despite fewer films being released in 2014, HMV’s in-store concerts and Leighton’s other tactics still managed to drive growth for the retailer.

Best advice: "Anything is possible, just maybe not as you first expected. Believe in yourself and never give up."