Vision 100


Peter Boucher

Chief commercial officer

Addison Lee

At one time, Addison Lee might have been considered the disruptor of an industry whose biggest player was the black cab. However, the high profile incursion of Uber into the space is upending the market again and it is up to Peter Boucher to find new routes around the threats. “Knowing what to do is the easy bit but knowing how to do it and for how long is the difficult part. Quality of marketing execution is the true differentiator for great businesses,” he says. Although Boucher considers his biggest achievement to be co-ordinating the global marketing launch of 3G for Vodafone in more than 20 countries, his proudest moment is “being part of a great team at Addison Lee, transforming Europe’s largest cab firm during a period of unprecedented industry change”.

Biggest challenge: “Having enough decent time to think properly about the customer and business, and develop my team. We all know it’s important but there are far too many distractions in the way.”