Vision 100


Rachael Pettit

Marketing & business development lead, UK & Ireland


Uber landed on the UK cab hire scene with a bang and promptly blew apart the traditional cabbing experience. You always know a brand has caught the zeitgeist when its moniker becomes part of general conversation, as it has done with ‘getting an Uber’. Rachael Pettit is partly responsible for this ‘Uberification’ but she’s not content with just landing the brand and letting it develop on its own. “I like to think that I’m consistently having light-bulb moments. It’s so important to me that I and the team I manage are constantly iterating and innovating, so every day holds a new light-bulb moment.” Like many marketers with a startup mentality, her philosophy is simple: “Fail fast, learn and iterate.”

Biggest challenge: “Hiring. It’s super important to have the right people leading and driving the business forward that are both highly skilled and a strong cultural fit.”