Vision 100


Richard Taylor

Executive director fundraising, marketing and communications

Cancer Research UK

Having been appointed chair of the Institute of Fundraising in 2014, Richard Taylor is a consummate fundraiser. While overseeing the operations at one of the UK’s leading charities, he continues to create income in a climate where charity fatigue is a real problem. Success, however, can also be a hindrance as people often assume the organisation has limitless resources. He says: “Last year, we launched our research strategy, which aims to double our rate of progress and see three-quarters of patients survive their cancer diagnosis for at least 10 years. To enable this, our fundraising income will need to double.”

Lightbulb moment: "That my own inner critic was more damaging, if not paralysing, than anything or anyone else could ever be. When I told it to shut up, I found others were more prepared to listen to what I had to say."