Vision 100


Sheena Sauvaire

Global marketing and communications director


Sheena Sauvaire joined Topshop as its global head of marketing in 2006 from communications agency Exposure, which held the fashion brand as one of its clients. She has overseen some of the retailer’s highest-profile strategies including its international expansion and highly successful relationship with supermodel, Kate Moss. During her time at Topshop, she has focused on increasing the brand’s London-centric fashion credibility, which has driven its popularity on the international stage. Although fashion may be a precisely planned industry, it is also based on a keen understanding of trends to make accurate future projections. Sauvaire acknowledges this, noting that her best advice has been: “For all the wonders of modern technology never forget the power of your gut instinct.”

Lightbulb moment: “Realising even with the most robust strategy, it is in fact having the right culture and collaboration internally that is paramount to success.”