Vision 100


Steve Conway

Director of brand marketing, communications & fundraising

St John Ambulance

Where charities can sometimes lack the focus and strategic drive found at consumer goods brands, St John Ambulance suffers no such shortcomings with highly experienced brand marketer Steve Conway at the helm. He brings more than 20 years’ experience at brands such as Kraft, Danone and the BBC to bear on the charity’s fundraising task. “Using high penetration and high frequency partners to deliver brand growth has been a winning formula, whether it’s been Philadelphia and bagels, or first aid and [preventing] babies choking,” he says. The latter refers to St John Ambulance’s ‘The Chokeables’ campaign from last year, which not only raised awareness of the organisation, but saved the lives of 47 children. This is Conway’s proudest career moment. “Success doesn’t get any better than that,” he adds.

Best advice: “Pursue your marketing career dreams and passions but get your training in FMCG first.”