Vision 100


Tanya Joseph

Director of business partnerships

Sport England

Tanya Joseph is responsible for the much-lauded ‘This Girl Can’ campaign that has encouraged 1.6 million women to start exercising, while creating a far-reaching feminist debate that encompasses the depiction of women and girls in culture. A former journalist, she has had a varied career coming to Sport England via the Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister’s press offices. Joseph has given strategic counsel to a range of blue-chip clients in her previous  role as a consultant and continues to develop Sport England’s winning streak. Imbued with determination to crack prejudice, she cites sexism and racism as her real challenges: “They aren’t always explicit. Indeed, it is their insidiousness that I think is dangerous. They limit ambition, hinder opportunity and need to be called out,” she says. Joseph was named ‘Marketer of the Year’ at the Masters of Marketing awards in 2015.

Best advice: “Know everything you can about your audience – if you don’t understand them, you won’t reach them.”