Vision 100


Uwe Dreher

Global communications

BMW Group

Uwe Dreher has been at BMW for more than 12 years – a tenure that marks him out as an elder statesman at the age of 40 in a profession notorious for its short stints. He went back to BMW’s headquarters in Germany to lead global communications last year having previously held the position of UK marketing director overseeing the central marketing function from board level, Dreher has been responsible for a range of marketing activities at the high-end car marque, including partnerships and sponsorship. He was responsible for managing the company’s exit from Formula 1 as a result of the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy. He has also been responsible for marketing the company’s electric and electric mobility sub-brands BMW i.

Best advice: "Find out who you are and then be it like hell. I believe that in this day and age the key to success is authenticity. To be authentic however, you need to find out about yourself first. Once you are there you can act naturally and you will make better decisions than ever before."