Vivid Imaginations to bring Dinosaur King toys to UK

Vivid Imaginations will launch US toy brand Dinosaur King in the UK next year. The range, aimed at boys aged between four and nine years old, has been developed from an animated TV show.

The company has signed a distribution deal with manufacturer 4Kids Entertainment to distribute the toys. The range will include dinosaur figures and role play items inspired by the series, currently airing on Jetix in the UK.

The launch campaign will be created in the US by Vivid’s distributor partner Playmates. The ads will then be adapted by agency Focus on Kids for the UK and Ireland.

The Dinosaur King TV series has been running on Jetix since the start of 2008 and is currently the network’s top-rated show for Kids four to 15 year olds, and it is due to run on free-to-air channels early next year.

The TV show is based on an arcade and collectable card game, created by Sega, and it chronicles the adventures of Max and his two best friends Rex and Zoe, who have discovered a mysterious set of dinosaur cards and a stone slate that have the power to bring dinosaurs back to life.


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