Vodafone aims to ‘disrupt the trivialisation’ of mobile category with new ad

Vodafone is readying a “network differentiation” marketing campaign that aims to highlight the dependability of its network by telling the story of a fireman’s wife and how she is reassured she can always stay in touch with her husband.

Video: Vodafone’s network differentiation ad, created by Grey London.


The campaign breaks on TV, cinema and video on demand this evening (26 March), to be followed by a national print push.

It forms the next chapter of Vodafone’s long-running “Power to You” positioning, aiming to influence network choice. In this particular creative, Vodafone is looking to stand apart from the pack in terms of reliability, with the film revealing that 77 per cent of the emergency services’ mobile needs are supported by its network.

The campaign marks the first UK activity created by Grey London, which it was announced joined RKCR on Vodafone UK’s agency roster earlier this week. Grey has worked with Vodafone since 2011, first in Ireland and then globally.

Daryl Fielding, Vodafone UK brand director, says: “This is a new approach for Vodafone UK, disrupting the trivialisation of the category. It’s a simple message and one which everyone can identify with – the importance of connectivity and the dependability of Vodafone’s network.”

Late last year Vodafone Group unveiled a global brand engagement strategy that has seen it shift away from using sponsorship to badge major events to celebrating individuals’ achievements through its “Vodafone Firsts” platform.