Vodafone in £10m Christmas PAYG push

Vodafone is looking to exploit the pre-pay mobile phone market in the run up to Christmas, with a £10m campaign.

Vodafone ranks behind the other big players with 10 million pay as you go customers. Everything Everywhere, the company behind Orange and T-Mobile, has 15.6m and O2 has 11.5m. There are a total of 50m pay as you go phones in the UK.

A Vodafone spokesman said the aim was to offer its customers better deals with a “greater push into the pay as you go market.”

A marketing campaign will be unveiled in the coming weeks to promote the new packages.

As for the company’s strategy for 2011, the company said it was a “little soon” to say whether the focus on pay as you go would continue beyond the new year.

Following the appointment in February of former T-Mobile marketing chief Srini Gopalan as consumer director, Vodafone said last month it was scrapping the role of chief marketing officer, and setting up a new commercial business unit to lead on marketing.

In July its marketing team underwent a review, which led to Vodafone axing about 10% of marketing staff.

Vodafone’s focus on pay as you go comes as rivals Orange and T-Mobile launch their joint venture Everything Everywhere campaign, following the merger of the two companies and their networks earlier this year.


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