Vodafone launches new payment scheme

Vodafone is launching a payment scheme called “Perfect Fit”, an all-inclusive package to offer bundles of minutes for talk-time, SMS and picture messaging. The launch is similar to Orange’s “Your Plan”, which was launched seven months ago to provide a flexible payment package.

Perfect Fit will be launched on May 1, supported by a multi-million pound advertising campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy, which will run across all media including television and outdoor.

A spokesman for Vodafone says it will be the company’s biggest initiative this year.

An insider from a rival company says it is unlikely that other mobile phone companies will follow in the steps of Orange and Vodafone as “customers have neither the interest nor the time to think about individual or specialist payment contracts.”

The launch of Your Plan by Orange was seen as the mobile operator’s strategy to make consumer choice and transparency a part of its marketing communications.

A spokesman for Orange says: “When Your Plan was introduced we said that we expected other operators to adopt the principles of the payment package as a model for future billing.”


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