Vodafone reveals details of broadband service

Vodafone has unveiled details of its new broadband service which will be launched in January.

The Vodafone at Home service will be available to all Vodafone contract customers from 8 January. At a cost of £25 a month, customers will get unlimited broadband internet access, calls to any UK landline, and a 25% discount on calls to mobile phones.

However, they will have to sign up to an 18-month contract in addition to their existing mobile contract – anyone who then cancels their mobile deal will be charged an extra £10 a month for the broadband contract.

The moves takes the company into direct competition with the likes of Carphone Warehouse, with its bundled phone and broadband service Talk Talk.

Vodafone says its service will be available to 97% of all UK households, by using the BT network.

The company is also promoting broadband access on the move, with customers able to buy a half-price modem to connect their laptop PC to Vodafone’s 3G network. It will cost an extra £29 a month to use this service.


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