Vodafone to let customers pay for taxis by text

Vodafone has launched a scheme that lets London travellers pay for taxi fares through their phones.


Taxi users can pay by texting the license number to an allocated code, and it will be charged to their Vodafone bill.

More than 500 branded taxis will offer mobile phone chargers.

The scheme is part of a £10m campaign by Vodafone demonstrating its commitment to a creating a strong London network. Under CEO Guy Laurence, Vodafone has been bolstering its network in the capital, which has been pressured under the growth of smartphones.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Visa will partner for a mobile-payments service using near-field communications technology ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced it would launch an Olympic-branded handset with a Visa payment app embedded, which will let users pay for items directly from their phones. Visa mobile payment app users can select ’pay’ and hold the phone in front of a compatible contactless reader to make a purchase.

Earlier this year, Vodafone became the third UK mobile network operator to launch a service enabling brands to target its subscribers via text message.

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