Vodka stunt throws brand values in your face and down the khazi

Absolut Vodka’s latest promotional stunt shows the company knows its customer positioning well, namely the on-the-floor-of-the-khazi position.

Bearing, or baring, this positioning in mind, Absolut is practically throwing its brand message down the pan by showing a perspex toilet seat created by Brighton design agency Bobo.

Absolut commissioned the agency to design a seat to reflect its brand values: clarity, transparency, purity and modernity. The resultant red chilli pepper perspex seat will be installed in the kind of bars, clubs and restaurants frequented by swillers of the vodka brand.

Unfortunately, the seat won’t be available to the general public, which could prove frustrating for users who strike up a close relationship with the item while spending the end of an evening staring directly at it.


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