Volvo creates global social media marketing role

Volvo has created a global social media director role as part of a strategy to more closely align digital, online and social PR activity with its global marketing strategy.


Duncan Forrester, current head of public affairs, events and sponsorship in the UK, will take on director of global social media role in September.
He will sit within the public affairs division at Volvo and report to Olle Axelson, senior vice president of public affairs.

Forrester says: “We’ve recognised that social is becoming more and more important for influencing how buyers are working to understand our models prior to purchase. Richard Monturo [Volvo global marketing director] says internally that ‘everything starts and finishes with digital’ and we want our PR closely aligned with marketing.”

He adds the role will occupy the “grey space between marketing and PR” where Volvo has not had any cohesive global strategy before.

Volvo overhauled its global brand strategy last summer in a bid to grow the business.

It also hired former consultant Richard Monturo as global marketing director to develop a consistent brand strategy for the car marque.

The Swedish company was bought by Geely Holding Group from Ford in 2010 and has since signalled more “direct, aggressive and competitive” marketing in the UK.

Nick Connor, acting managing director of Volvo UK says: “[Forrester has] developed Volvo Car UK’s social media presence to the point where Volvo is now recognised as one of the industry’s leading social brands. He brought this interest and experience in social media to Volvo just over three years ago and I’m really pleased that going forwards, our global organisation will be able to benefit from his expertise.”