Volvo to crowdsource car designs

Volvo has launched a Facebook app that asks drivers to reveal how they use the space inside their cars in a bid to design more personalised vehicles.


The You Inside app allows fans to upload images of items they keep inside their cars along with basic information about the vehicle and their lifestyle.

Volvo will then analyse the information and send fans a personality profile based on what the inside of their car says about them.

It hopes to use the data gleaned from the app to drive new innovations and create vehicles that are deigned around people.

Jesper Andreasson, senior manager social media at Volvo, says: “We constantly want to learn more about our customers in order to make better cars – and hopefully this Facebook experiment will inspire new Volvo innovations.

“This app exemplifies how consumers insights and customer involvement is at the heart of our brand.”

The trial comes just months after Volvo created a new global social media director media role as part of a strategy to more closely align digital, online and social PR activity with its global marketing strategy. Link

Volvo overhauled its brand strategy last year to make its car design processes and marketing more “human-oriented.”

Car brands are increasingly turning to social media to drive long-term engagement in a sector that sees infrequent purchases. In April, Citroen launched a Facebook app to design what it claims will be the first crowdsourced car in the UK, while both Peugeot and Honda are readying initiatives to involve consumers in the future directions of their brands.


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