VW’s 30-year ad spree

Volkswagen has taken an entire ad break on Channel 4 to promote its new Golf and the total advertising for an issue of Auto Express using advertisements from the model’s 30-year history.

Volkswagen is also encouraging consumers to choose their favourite Golf ad on its website, where there are three ad campaigns for each of the four previous Golf models. All the ad campaigns were created by DDB London or the company’s previous incarnations.

The Golf was introduced in 1974 and is credited with rescuing Volkswagen from deep financial trouble. The marketing and advertising for the latest model draws heavily on the car’s heritage despite criticism that the latest model is too similar to the outgoing version (MW February 19).

Volkswagen Golf advertisements will be shown for the entire ad break during Salvage Squad on Channel 4 at 8.15pm next Monday, with the latest ad for the Mk V Golf being shown last.

Auto Express, which is published by Dennis Publishing, will carry only ads for the Golf, both new and old, in this week’s issue.

Volkswagen hopes the issue will become a collectors’ item for Golf fans. All media buying and planning was by MediaCom.

Last year, Heinz also tried to play the advertising heritage card, asking consumers to vote whether or not they wanted the brand to keep the “Beanz meanz Heinz” slogan and by rerunning classic ads.


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