Wagamama in first charity tie up

Restaurant chain Wagamama is launching a Christmas campaign celebrating good deeds as part of its first charity partnership.

Wagamama’s first charity tie up launches in time for Christmas.

It has joined forces with national youth charity UK Youth to encourage its customers to recognise and reward people that have done something kind for other people.

‘Be Different Be Kind’ launches tomorrow (30 November) with a charity microsite that invites users to upload a picture of their nominated person and explanation of the good deed.

For every nomination on the site Wagamama will donate money to UK Youth. The brand hopes to raise £20,000 for the charity by Christmas Day.

Next year, a panel including rapper Sway will decide which entrant is the “kindest” and award them £5,000.

Entrants photos and videos will be displayed in a “kindness gallery” and hosted on Wagamama’s Facebook page in a bid to “visualise what inspires them to be kind” and encourage others to get involved.

Ingrid Williamson, director of marketing at Wagamama, says: “At Wagamama we believe that giving really can remind us of the needs and lives of others, and we hope we can raise lots of money but also awareness for UK Youth, whilst giving everyday people the recognition they deserve for being selfless”

The initiative will be supported in Wagamama’s 85 UK restaurants and online.


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