Waitrose strategy shifts from ‘product’ to ‘partner’

Waitrose is to launch a television campaign to signify a major shift in strategy, to draw attention to the premium shopping experience that customers can expect when they choose the supermarket chain.

Previous Waitrose campaigns have focused on the quality of goods, but the new ad, which has been created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy and breaks on March 19, is the first to refer to the partnership structure within Waitrose and the different kind of supermarket this helps to create.

Waitrose – the food shop subsidiary of the John Lewis Partnership – is owned by its employees, who are known as partners, and all of whom have a say in how their business is run. Marketing director Christian Cull says this structure underpins Waitrose’s success in customer service, staff knowledge and the sourcing of high-quality, distinctive products.

Cull says: “Because this is our business, we want the very best for the customers to ensure future success. It was a key decision to feature partners in the campaign, which uses them as a point of difference, distinguishing us from our rivals.

“Customers who see the ad – entitled ‘Who Are They?’ – will understand why we work hard to ensure they benefit from premium service and care as well as premium choice of products.”


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