Walkers Snacks launches potato skin brand

Walkers Snacks is launching a new brand called Walkers Skinfulls. The range will be potato skin crisps aimed at the sharing snack market and will be launched later this year.

Industry insiders say that the Skinfulls are long, oval potato skins, which are shaped for putting toppings on or for dipping into sauces. The range will be available in a number of different flavours.

It is not clear how the product will be packaged, but insiders say that the product is suitable for a tube-style pack rather than bags, which would mean it could take on Procter & Gamble’s Pringles brand. However, packaging is still under consideration, as the move would mean manufacturing changes at Walkers, which traditionally has bagged snacks.

Walkers has increasingly been focusing on developing its presence in the snacks market. It has added poppadums to its Sensations range of premium snacking as well as adding new flavours to the Oriental Crackers variant. It has also launched Doritos Latinos, which are heavier than the original tortilla chips (MW December 11, 2003).

Insiders say that Walkers has also returned its focus to the core range. It has revamped the packaging of its Walkers Crisps range and is now cooking them in sunflower oil in an effort to make them healthier.


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