Wall’s and O2 target ads around weather

Londoners using free O2 WiFi will be served ads from Wall’s Ice Cream when the temperature rises following a partnership between the communications company and Unilever.

Unilever O2

Unilever, the parent company of Wall’s, is sponsoring the free WiFi service for the month of August. Under the deal, Wall’s will own all the media placements on the WiFi welcome pages in Zone 1 in London.

Wall’s “Love ice cream” campaign will also combine location-based and contextual marketing. It will use “thermal targeted proximity messaging” to send out messages to O2 More users when the sun is out and the weather reaches a certain temperature.

Claire Valoti, managing director of O2 Media, said: “We have big plans for thermal messaging because of the increased accuracy in terms of delivering the right message to the right consumer and the ability to message a consumer based on the British weather, something we know many of the brands we work with are hugely interested in.”

O2’s parent company, Telefónica Digital, said last month it hopes new products, partnerships and expanding existing units to international markets will mean its financial services and advertising unit will generate up to €1.1bn in revenue by 2016.

In August last year, O2 Media appointed Simon Voysey as its first creative solutions manager to bolster the multimedia capabilities of its mobile marketing programme O2 More.



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