Wanted – your pots and pounds

The Diary, renowned far and wide, receives a high volume of mail from all over the world – and particularly West Africa.

Reader, you would be amazed at how many youngest sons and second wives of deposed African leaders are now resident in Abidjan, de facto capital of war-torn Côte D’Ivoire. Many of these poor plutocrats, forced into exile, desperately need access to the $21m (or $22m) squirrelled away by their father (or husband) for investment purposes, and turn to the Diary for help.

It came as quite a surprise, then, to receive a letter from what appears to be a real person – a young, orphaned schoolboy from Ghana, who needs school equipment and saucepans.

Should anyone wish to supply these, please contact the Diary, and you can have a copy of the letter (and its return address).


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