Warburtons’ kids food ad slammed in ASA ruling

As Ofcom launches a consultation on its proposals for the advertising of children’s food on television, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has slammed Warburtons over a magazine ad for its All In One Riddlers filled bread rolls.

The ad was headlined: “What’s the healthiest packed lunch you’ve never made?” and included the statement: “A healthy lunch that kids love; with Riddlers you’ve got it made”. A consumer complained to the ASA that the ad was misleading, because it implied the product was a complete, healthy lunch.

Warburtons argued the ad did not suggest Riddlers was a complete, healthy meal, but that it could form part of a healthy lunch. But the ASA ruled that the execution was irresponsible and inaccurate, and ordered Warburtons to make clear in future ads “that the product was not a healthy lunch on its own”.

â¢The ASA has also ruled against holiday company TUI over claims in its Crystal ski brochure stating: “Free Kids – Free and reduced prices for children”. The ASA said that TUI failed to explain clearly that children taking up free places could lead to under-occupancy charges, and that the claims were “at best ambiguous, and at worst misleading”.


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