Warburtons most popular FMCG brand in the UK

Warburtons is the UK’s most popular FMCG brand, according to a report by Kantar.

Warburtons is the UK’s most popular FMCG brand, according to Kantar.

It is chosen 23 times a year by 84 per cent of population, beating British rivals Walkers (3) and Hovis (4) as the country’s most chosen brand in the first Brand Footprint ranking. The research firm cited the bakery’s clear positioning and heritage that resonates with consumers for its success.

Six of the top 10 most chosen brands are British, while some of the year’s fastest risers such as Cathedral City and Aunt Bessie also have local ties, says the report.

Tim Kidd, managing director UK, Ireland and USA at Kantar Worldpanel, says brands with strong British roots are resonating with “increasingly risk-averse”consumers who are sticking to products they know and trust due to tough economic conditions.

He adds: “The branded market is more competitive than ever before and consumers are trading down to manage tighter budgets, often turning to own label products. Brands need to understand what is important to consumers and find new ways of connecting with cash-strapped shoppers who want certainty, quality and value.”

Meanwhile, the global version of the study revealed Coca-Cola as the top brand, chosen 5.3bn times a year by 43.9 per cent of the world’s population.

Colgate is the only brand to reach more than half of the world’s population (63 per cent) with its products.

The research firm said the top global brands were bolstered by strong growth in emerging markets.

Kidd says: “Global brands will need to recognise ‘local is winning’ and ensure they adapt their products to meet local demands.The strongest global brands in the ranking have demonstrated their ability to understand and respond to local needs and reach the most remote consumers in rural areas of emerging markets by building larger distribution networks.”

Brands are ranked on a new Consumer Reach Points metric, which measures their strength based on how many shoppers are buying and how often.

The top 10 UK FMCG brands revealed by the Brand Footprint study are:

Rank   Penetration per cent Frequency Consumer Reach points (millions)
1 Warburtons 84.5 23.4 520
2 Heinz 90.6 16.5 393
3 Walkers 86.6 16.9 385
4 Hovis 75.4 16.1 320
5 McVities 87.6 12.7 294
6 Kingsmill 73.9 13.5 263
7 Birds Eye 81.1 11.1 237
8 Muller 64.2 12.0 202
9 Coca-Cola 56.5 10.4 154
10 Cadburys Dairy Milk 71.2 7.7 144



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