Warner Bros to merge its marketing and PR teams

Warner Bros UK is restructuring its marketing and PR teams to form one integrated department that will manage the “life cycle” of its content through theatrical release, disc format for retail, games and other products to maximise commercial opportunities.

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The shake-up comes a year after former Channel 4 marketer Polly Cochrane was appointed to the new role of vice-president and group marketing director.

The company, which has Clash of The Titans and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on its release schedule this year, has merged six business units into one 40-strong department. Key to the new structure is the creation of four film marketing manager roles that will curate individual titles through their life cycles.

Warner Bros has also promoted media controller Danni Murray to director of media and marketing partnerships. He also takes responsibility for overseeing digital development and the UK promotions team.

Cochrane says the reorganisation had been driven by “thinking how people will relate to and consume content in all its different guises, from the film release right the way through to when it is running on TV or online.”

Referring to Murray’s role, she adds: “We should be working more with third parties and other brands, whether they are media brands or from other sectors.

“We should be thinking about our promotional partners when we first start thinking about our marketing plans for titles.”


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