Warner Brothers to supply film trailers to phones via bluetooth

Warner Brothers, the film company, has signed a deal to offer cinema goers trailers and film content via bluetooth. The year-long deal with Bluepod Media will launch with activity around the remake of Japanese thriller, One Missed Call (pictured).

The partnership will allow users to download content and forward it to friends. It follows a trial last December, which saw 400,000 consumers download the trailer for I am Legend, starring Will Smith, in two weeks.

Bluepod Media’s managing director, John Scorah, says: “Over the last couple of months we have observed a steady increase in downloading numbers from cinemas across the UK.”

Bluepod Media is a new media advertising company that provides proximity-based marketing to mobile phones through a multi-media advertising tool called Bluepod. The company says the partnership will enable Warner to reach “millions” more consumers.


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