Warner Lambert shuts Euro headquarters

Drugs-to-sweets group Warner-Lambert is closing the European headquarters of its confectionery brands and one casualty is likely to be the company’s European marketing chief, Chris Taylor

The main brands run through the Brussels office are Clorets, Halls Mentho-Lyptus and Trident. Other Warner-Lambert brands include Fruit-tella, Mentos, Dentyne and Stimorol.

Taylor, vice president marketing Warner-Lambert Confectionery Europe, confirms the office closure but claims it will not alter the company’s business commitments in Europe.

Taylor refuses to comment on his own future with the company and will neither confirm nor deny speculation that he is leaving.

The European operation is run entirely separately to the UK and the UK business is not thought to be affected by the change.

Warner-Lambert says it is “relocating” the European office to its corporate headquarters in the US from January 1.

Warner-Lambert Confectionery has been operating in the UK since 1964 and now claims to be the world’s leading sugar confectionery company.


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