Washed-up idea that’s just not sustainable

Cometh the time when the Diary is invited to banish all of its hates to Room 101, doing the washing up will be up there with traffic jams and contestants who insist on singing (invariably badly) on quiz shows. The Diary’s hands that do dishes that are as soft as its face constantly smell of lemon, and frankly there are better things to do after meal times than be up to your elbows in soapsuds.

It would appear that household goods manufacturer Georgia-Pacific feels the same, as it has recently launched the Everymeal range, a disposable meal kit aimed at enabling the UK to “have post-meal time fun”.

So instead of spending evenings attempting to remove the bit of lettuce clinging desperately for dear life onto your best china, you simply throw your cups, plates, cutlery, etc straight in the bin. Quite what Nanette Newman would make of it, goodness only knows.


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