Watch all the ads from Coca-Cola’s new ‘Taste the feeling’ campaign

Coca-Cola has created a series of ads using the ‘Taste the feeling’ strapline as part of its new ‘One Brand’ marketing strategy.

Unveiled at a press event in Paris yesterday (19 January), the new campaign brings all Coca-Cola product variants under the master brand. The aim is to promote Coca-Cola as one brand with one personality, while the different products give consumers a choice of which Coca-Cola variant to drink.

Here’s a first look at the ads that will run as part of Coca-Cola’s first global campaign for a decade.


The campaign’s lead spot, this video aims to show how everyday moments, such as ice-skating or a first date, are linked by Coca-Cola.

What is a Coca-Cola for?

Subsequent spots explain everyday situations that are made better by a Coca-Cola. Here, a young man orders a Coke on a hot day, explaining how refreshing the drink can be.

Brotherly Love

This will be the lead campaign in the UK market.

Under Pressure


Break Up




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