Watch: The Marketoonist on the importance of humour right now

As coronavirus continues to impact marketers’ behaviour, Tom Fishburne explores why humour is important in tough times both for communicating with customers and your teams.

With marketers struggling to know how to communicate with their customers and the British public during the lockdown, many have adopted similar approaches and shied away from humour or taking a light-hearted approach.

As part of The Lowdown – a series of regular updates on tackling the challenges of the coronavirus crisis – Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons speaks to the Marketoonist Tom Fishburne on why this might not be the right approach. They explore why humour is particularly important in tough times, how brands can use appropriate humour without being tone-deaf and how humour can help us connect with our internal teams.

You can listen to the discussion above. And find out about future sessions from The Lowdown here.

the lowdown on coronavirus and marketing



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