Watch where you’re dripping that freedom

The Diary is not sure if it has stumbled across an elaborate hoax or something truly weird, but a message from “Harsh PR” filled it with great joy this week.

Harsh PR is the publicity arm of fashion and music project Howell 2B Harsh, and its musings sound as though they may have sprung from a meeting in Sacha Baron Cohen?s imagination between moronic Euro fashionista Brüno and controversial Kazakh legend Borat.

The missive, featuring a staggering array of spelling mistakes seemed to indicate that the project was born in 2004 out of a mutual admiration between clothing label Harsh and record company The Ricoshay Redemption. It went on to state that: “Developing our attraction, we decided this lust would now be love.”

The Diary had seem enough and went straight to the Harsh website, where it discovered that our heroine, designer Harsharan Landa, had been taught to “crocquê” by her mother (presumably a crocquê madame). Her clothing, it says, “drips freedom, breaths (sic) expressive attitude, and cries confidence?. Worryingly, it also leaves an “omnipresent residue”.

Still, it seems Harsh is an up-and-coming label, with skirts that transform into tops and men’s jackets that turn into women’s trousers, no less. Harsh’s denim handbags are also ?blessed? by celebrities such as Kate Lawler and rapper Coolio.

The Diary will be watching the progress of the label with bated breath and one eye on the spellchecker.


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