Watson wants TV tunes for perfect pitch

The most bizarre interview of the year – nay, century – award goes to Ellis Watson, former marketing director at The Sun and founder of new Internet company Talkcast.

Here follows Watson in conversation with the Diary:

Watson: “How old are you?”

Puzzled Diary: “26.”

Watson: “Right, name this tune.” (Grange Hill theme tune starts.)

Diary: “Grange Hill.”

Watson: “Correct. What was the name of the sports master and the headmistress?”

Diary: “Mr Baxter and Mrs McClusky.”

Watson: “Fantastic! You get to ask me two questions.”

Diary, still confused: “Excuse me?”

Watson, unabated: “Right, what’s this tune?”

Diary: “Ski Sunday.”

Watson: “Right, you get to ask another question.”

Having guessed the name of another tune, Rhubarb & Custard, but failed at something involving violins – possibly The Poseidon Adventure – the Diary got to ask a question: “Are you looking for an advertising agency?”

“Yes,” replied Watson.

It was that simple.

How Watson will handle the Talkcast pitch is anyone’s guess. The Diary suggests prospective agencies brush up on vintage TV. Who’d have thought UK Gold would have its benefits?


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