Way off target with DM attack

I have just one question for Kate Naylor (Letters, MW November 6): Where exactly did you spend your 15 years working in direct marketing?

To say that the industry is “incapable of targeting mailings” is, frankly, ridiculous. Anybody in the industry who’s worth their salt knows that even “cold” work is aimed at people who have “opted-in” at some point – usually by replying to a previous mailing.

The big issue up for debate here is what constitutes “opting-in”.

The industry needs to pull together to safeguard its own integrity rather than resorting to a nanny state. If you ask me, we’d be better off routing out the unprofessional few who are bringing the industry into disrepute rather than suggesting permission-based DM is enforced by law.

Loz Grinter

Creative director online


Cheltenham, Gloucs


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