WCRS chief sticks his Wnek out

And so to the Marketing Society’s Summer Campus in the City last week, where the star of the show wasn’t Diageo’s Syl Saller, who claimed that Smirnoff Ice had made alcopops manly (the Diary challenges any man to order a bottle at the Ruptured Spleen in Grimethorpe on a Friday night, just after the stripper has finished), nor was it Ivan Pollard of the Ingram Partnership for heriocally playing Bucks Fizz classic Making Your Mind Up as part of his lecture.

No, the hero of the hour was undoubtedly WCRS chief Stephen Woodford, who only found out he was to give a talk two days before the event, which itself had been a year in the planning.

Woodford didn’t shy away from expressing his dismay at being a last-minute replacement, but made no mention of the man he’d replaced. Maybe he found the whole thing too much of a pain in the Wnek.


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