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This year was called ‘Empty 13’: no Olympics, no World Cup, no general elections, no… well, anything. It was hailed as a year to forget before it had even begun. But 2013 has not been empty. This was the year in which we discovered that spending £1 on advertising adds £6 to the economy and in which content marketing exploded, with claims that 20 per cent of every pound in marketing is spent on content.

Ruth Mortimer

For the full rundown on not-so-Empty13, we’ve put together our quick look at the marketing year in brief, along with a more detailed look at which trends you should be following in 2014.

And now let’s talk about you and your needs for the year ahead. We are always trying to think of how Marketing Week can be useful to you. With that in mind, we’ve introduced updated navigation for our website. These days, we see our brand as always evolving rather than static and unchanging. So this isn’t the end product – it’s our first step. And we need your feedback to help us go further.

We undertook some audience research earlier this year and we are gradually shaping what we do to better suit your needs. You told us that you needed simpler navigation online, videos on our mobile site and you wanted us to tell you more clearly about trends and careers. So that’s what we’re doing.

Online, we have gathered our Trends section into themed bundles. Want to know about how people are shopping? Visit the shopper behaviour section under the main Trends tab. Sections like this will grow and change as we tag all our content to make it accessible and useful for you.

Want analysis of the big marketing issues? You’ll find this under our new Analysis tab, which shows all our Essential Reads and profile pieces in one place. You can also find all our Strategy sections there – CMO, Digital, Data and PR – which dive deeper into certain communities within marketing.

To bring this back to you and your career again, we have also created a new section of our site called Skills & Training. This will grow over the next few months, bringing together more tools and practical advice to make the most of your career. Look out for our Salary Survey 2014 on 16 January as the chance to benchmark yourself against your peers on pay.

You can email me directly – ruth.mortimer@centaur.co.uk – to let me know what you want us to do next. In the end, next year’s mission for Marketing Week will be the same as every other year – trying to be the most useful resource on marketing out there for you, no matter how your role or brand has changed in the past 12 months. I’m looking forward to 2014 already.



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